Access Information for the Digital Panel Discussion


We use the “Zoom” software to conduct the digital panel discussion.

Participation can easily be done via an access link in the web browser (Zoom recommends Google Chrome). Optionally, the Zoom app can be downloaded here for a better connection quality. A Zoom account is not required, i.e. registration with Zoom is not necessary.

Note: only if you participate via the Zoom-App you can vote in the surveys (survey windows are not displayed in the web browser).

Data protection

You will find information on data processing in the data protection documentation for Zoom.

The camera and microphone remain switched off for viewers. They are welcome to ask their questions via chat (“Q&A” button).

Access Link

Please follow the link to access the digital panel discussion:

Important note: When you register, you will be asked to enter a name. Unfortunately, we cannot turn off this request from Zoom. For an anonymous participation we recommend to enter a synonym.