CfC: International workshop “Bridging research, policy and activism for environmental justice in times of crises”

International workshop on Environmental Justice Freiburg, Germany, 27 – 29 May 2020

27/05/2020 – 29/05/2020

Institute of Environmental Social Sciences and Geography, University of Freiburg

This workshop, collaboratively organized by the Institute of Environmental Social Sciences and Geography at the University of Freiburg and the EnJust Network for Environmental Justice, aims at fostering debate and learning processes about the roles, responsibilities and approaches of the emerging inter-and transdisciplinary environmental justice movement composed of scholars, activists and decision-makers. The workshop will bring together individuals from these groups, who self-identify with the environmental justice movement, in order to critically engage with current research, concrete ideas, practices, and methods for bridging the divides between environmental justice research and practice, between activism and scientific study, and between collective and individual decision-making. It will provide a space to collectively explore and deepen transdisciplinary work and activist-research for a more just and fairer future.