POLLEN 20: Challenges of critical knowledge production for a transformation: perspectives and experiences

Chaired By

  • Judith Bopp, Institut für Strukturforschung und Planung in agrarischen Intensivgebieten (ISPA)
  • Juan Sebastian Velez Triana, Institute of Development Policy (IOB)
  • Silja Klepp, University of Kiel
  • Stephanie Leder, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Jonas Hein, University of Kiel


The session will take place outside of the ExOrdo platform, via Zoom.

Please send an email to hein@geographie.uni-kiel.de for workshop registration. We will share the zoom link with all registered participants.

About the session

Working at the interface of knowledge production requires reflection on how to engage or not to engage with powerful actors to bring issues of environmental injustice on political agendas. How to collaborate with companies, governments, or whether at all, is a critical question raised among political ecologists and currently discussed within the ENJUST-Network. First, power structures within governments and the strong influence of corporate actors creates risks of co-optation. Second, as Tania Li (2007) raised in “The Will to Improve”, expert engagement has a long and troubled history.

In the context of the boom in transformative research, we argue that it is imperative to (re-)discuss the role of science in politics, of (local) expert knowledge, and to politicize transformative research.

The workshop provides a transdisciplinary discussion and skill-sharing forum. We invite scholars and practitioners to participate in an exchange on the theme of ‘knowing, politicising and doing transformation‘.

The workshop will be held as a live online meeting. During the three-hours session, we will provide space for a world café discussion and informal chat.

The workshop shall be structured as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. World coffee and cocktail sessions for indepth skill sharing
  3. Presentation of shared experiences and skills
  4. Condensation and documentation of results, and outlook

The aim of the workshop is to jointly develop a perspectives and / or policy paper, which the workshop shall provide input for. Our suggestion is to have a few additional virtual meetings after POLLEN to further develop the joint paper.

More information about the workshop and the conference here.