Virtual panel discussion

The EnJust Network for Environmental Justice organized an event on the topic “How political may/should science be in times of climate change?” In a panel discussion with representatives from social and natural sciences, science theory and political activism we discussed the role of science in the context of climate change and the current socio-ecological crisis.


Dr. Florian Braun: Lecturer for Philosophy and Ethics of Science in the Kiel Gustav Radbruch Network

Prof. Dr. Michael Bonitz: Theoretical physicist at Kiel University and organiser of the Kiel March for Science

Luca Brunsch: Fridays for Future activist

Prof. Dr. Franziska Müller: Professor for Global Climate Policy at the University of Hamburg and scholar activist

Moderators: Prof. Silja Klepp and Prof. Florian Dünckmann, EnJust, Kiel University

(The event was in German)